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Finish Your Book!

What’s your book about?  Have an elevator speech: a one minute sentence describing your book.
Write a working title.  Cute, memorable, or mysterious is better.  You may want to have a 2 part title.  For example: Wind & Wing: A Love Story from the “Greatest Generation”  or Beginning Astrology: All You Need to Know to Read Your Chart

What is the genre of your book?  Search in the bookstore; find the publishers that publish the kinds of books you think you want to write. 

Set a time to write.   What works for you?  Pick reasonable options for you, daily or weekly.

Find a comfort zone. Some folks like to write in a quiet zone or a beautiful place. Some like commotion and coziness.  Get your place ready, and then set your appointment with yourself. Keep your appointment!
Set deadlines for yourself.  Plan to put part of it online or show someone on a certain day.  That will help you keep promises to yourself.  Sometimes, urgency is helpful!

How far along are you?  Do you have a plan?  Where is the book going to go?  Write chapter headings, make an outline, or write a page on each character. 

What is your beginning?  Where does it end?  What’s in the middle?

Make a list of people who could advise you: editors, experts in your field or genre, fellow writers.

Get a business card that says you are a writer, author, or expert.  You might even get one that has the name of your book, to help you feel like a writer and give you incentive to finish.  This is psychological stuff to help you on your way!

Get an ISBN --or 10 at

Write your bio: a one liner, one paragrapher, and something longer for the publisher.  What would you write for the back cover of your book?  What picture of yourself would you use?

Join a group that is already doing it.  Like Weight Watchers, but for writers: Romance Writers of America, Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, etc.

If there is no group, create one!  You need networking and moral support!  Check out for your geographic area.

Reminder: Do it.  Just write.  Do not worry at first about grammar or punctuation.  Live your passion.  Make it a priority. Do not worry about failure or whether it will get published or not. Just do it. (Later on, you can get an expert to help you.)