The Writing Plan

1, Your plan should include:

  • Regular times to write, even if it’s once weekly.
  • In the space that makes you comfortable.
  • Without rules, besides showing up. No re-writing at the outset.

2. General idea of where the story is going should include:

  • Working title
  • Working chapter headings
  • If fiction, character analysis
  • Know your genre.
  • Know how your story is different in that genre.

3. Your biography/resume should include:

  • Where you have been published
  • Where you have worked and for how many years
  • How you are related to the book genre
  • Any clubs of which you have been part
  • Any awards of any kind that you have won
  • Where you reside and your general interests
  • Any places where you have spoken

4. Find an editor or critique group.

  • 5. Have several works in the works.


  • One finished work that has been sent out
  • One currently being revised
  • One currently being created

5.  Have a clear idea of the genre and the specific publishers/agents you are systematically approaching OR investigation of self-publishers with which you might want to work.

  • Keep a calendar to keep track of send-outs or requests.
  • Follow up as needed or required.

6.  Write a good query for each completed piece. (Work on one also for new works.)
7.  Keep an on-going list of ways/ideas to market each specific book.
8.  Join a writers club, or create one.
9.  Write a blog.

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